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Bixler diamonds are responsibly sourced from the top 1 percent cut and polish at our very own facility

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Folks have trusted Bixler's in the Lehigh Valley for 234 years

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See Hundreds of Diamonds & Settings at Direct Pricing,
All More Beautiful, and Less Expensive Than Any Place Else, at Bixler’s.

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See hundreds of diamonds & settings at direct pricing, all more beautiful, and less expensive than any place else, at Bixler’s.

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Bixler's Story

We're the oldest jeweler in North America and the most highly rated in the Lehigh Valley. We've been in continuous operation since 1785, for over 234 years! Folks have trusted Bixler's since the Revolutionary War. Even within the jewelry industry, Bixler’s is recognized for its leadership.

Pitfalls of buying online

A diamond that sells for $5000 online sells for $4600 at Bixler's, like-for-like. But that's only part of the story. Online, you're barraged with lists of questionable diamonds. Almost all diamonds online are not owned by the website that you’re visiting. They only look that way.

Pitfalls of buying from Philly or New York

Bixler's is a leading diamond manufacturer selling direct to you. NYC & Philadelphia are crowded with fly-by-night vendors who have diamonds that have passed through multiple hands before being presented to you. Don’t waste time or money trekking to questionable outlets in New York or Philly.