Just because a ring design looks nice online doesn’t that mean it will shine in person or that it will last for generations.

So, why does it matter that “Bixler’s makes the jewelry”?

Well, shouldn’t your most cherished possession be crafted with an old-world artisan mastery?

After all, most rings online, and at mall stores, are made in sweat shops in India using questionable diamonds.

And most domestically-made rings are jobbed-out to various contractors, many with unknown standards.

Place a Bixler ring next to one from any place else and you’ll marvel at the difference in quality and beauty.

Each Bixler diamond is responsibly sourced from the top-one-percent of DeBeers mines at our very own diamond cutting facility.

After your purchase, tour Bixler’s certified manufacturing facility with seventy specialists in every aspect of jewelry engineering and design, fabrication, diamond setting,…… and artisan-hand-engraving and finishing techniques.

Best of all, you buy direct at the same price that we sell to the finest stores across America, starting under one thousand dollars.


Our Philosophy:

It’s our brand, our history, and you’re our customer.

Tiffany’s said to us,
We bow to you. …[you’ re] not only the oldest but one of the finest jewelers in America. We salute you.

Thank you, Tiffany’s. We think you are a great jeweler as well. Between the two of us, we’re the only fully North American jewelry brands.

What’s difference between a jewelry brand and a jewelry manufacturer?

A jewelry brand controls everything from concept to completed product using age-old “in-house” perfected techniques. No portion of the process is ever jobbed-out to outside piece-work contractors or left to others. A brand’s long-term employees are thinking about pleasing its long-term customers. Each person in the manufacturing “chain” is thinking about what happens to the ring when it leaves his/her hands and how perfect it will end up when in the hands of “OUR” customer, who is ours forever.

Our Aerospace and R&D tradition:

We’re curious and driven. We actively invest in and use technology to improve our jewelry products. Our aerospace division, A3DM, is the industry leader in plasma spheroidization of precious metals and plasma nano processing. Our unique plasma reactor, cools metals from 10,000 degrees Kelvin to 1,000 degrees Kelvin in less than 80 milliseconds. Our aerospace products are used in rockets, reactors, and nuclear applications.

Our unique design:

Our designers are integral of our manufacturing process. They’re not freelance designers, they work for Bixler’s. Why is this important? Because our designers are part of the entire manufacturing team, not in an ivory tower designing something that will not last, or cannot be properly made, or cannot be made to be comfortable. Our designs always have correct scale; heights are proper with appropriate stone sizes and spacing between diamonds. We have an immaculate attention to detail down to the most minute features, never clunky, never with stretched surfaces, and never over-designed. Our finishes are chosen carefully; our designers know each of our jewelers and their capabilities and techniques. And our designers know when to design using a technique by hand, or by technology.

Our Engineering:

We don’t just make engagement rings, we engineer them. Our rings will outlast any that do not come from a true jewelry brand. We’re jewelers by profession. Most so-called jewelers are merely merchants who buy rings and resell them to you. Our engineers look at our manufacturing processes, putting safeguards and quality control measures into effect that will not allow an engagement ring to fall below Bixler standards. Our engineers anticipate and reject designs with structural weak points, prongs that are susceptible to excess wear, and improper spacing for diamonds. In addition, they look at our metallurgy and test for durability. In our culture, science and skill makes our jewelry ageless, beautiful and durable.

Our castings:

Almost all designers or jewelry manufacturers do not cast in-house. Most purchase their castings from independent casters. At Bixler’s, our proprietary methods in casting, using responsibly-sourced metals, are central to our brand. Our metal treatment, after casting, is secret and unique to the jewelry industry. Why is this important? Because starting off with a fully densely made ring setting with a baby-smooth “skin” is core to a fine engagement ring’s quality. The more perfect the casting, the finer the finish and polish that can be applied to it, and the easier it is for a setter to masterfully secure the diamonds without having to use excess metal to hold them in. With less perfect castings, the jeweler must fill holes and cracks with solder that cannot be seen after a ring is polished.

Our Finish:

The finish on Bixler’s jewelry is legendary. It’s part of the reason that when you place a Bixler ring next to one from any place else and you’ll marvel at the difference in quality and beauty. This is not only true for you but we sell to the finest jewelry stores in America and they’re the toughest critics. Our proprietary methods include development of special abrasive compounds, purpose-built jigs and tooling, and hours upon hours of a honed process working on each ring. Every surface is important even if it cannot be seen after the diamonds are set. Our lappers, who work on flat surfaces, alignment and edges are a unique but dying breed making Bixler’s rings the only engagement ring you’ll find with crisp sharp edges in the metal, which is truly the mark of luxury jewelry. Every diamond is hand set and our diamond setters do not get paid by piece work, like other jewelry manufacturers. Why is this important? In most engagement rings the side diamonds are set into the ring by placing them in the wax before it’s set. This is a low quality technique because the diamonds will not stay in place for very long and the metal is not burnished and polished underneath the diamonds, making for a dull appearance. Our hand engravers use purpose-made tools to carve fine design details in our dense castings; almost all other jewelry has the details as part of the castings. This makes a huge difference in how Bixler rings “pop.”

The smaller diamonds:

The smaller diamonds that are an integral part of the ring design are often overlooked but make a huge difference to the overall look of an engagement ring. They should be as nice as center diamond otherwise your eye will notice something’s "off." Bixler small diamonds come directly from the most exclusive diamond mines and Bixler’s cuts them with virtuoso skills so that each one is a brilliant masterpiece. That’s what a true fine brand does. There is not another engagement ring you can purchase where the manufacturer of the ring also manufactures the diamond, other than Tiffany. That’s a huge difference to you especially since there’s a reasonable chance that other engagement rings contain synthetic diamonds. Every diamond in every Bixler ring is natural and incredibly beautiful with an inner fire that’s best described as "alive."

Made in North America:

Most fine jewelry is made in sweat shops in India. Our North American manufacturing facility looks more like a Swiss watch factory where you can eat off the floor. It’s inspected and certified. All materials and equipment is responsibly sourced. Our jewelers are skilled, proud and the best in the business. Once you own a Bixler engagement ring, you qualify to tour our facility. We encourage you to do so.

Best-in-the-business Warranty:

Since we make diamonds and engagement rings unmatched by others, we can back our diamonds and engagement rings unlike others. So your engagement ring is covered by the best-in-the-business warranty that provides a LIFETIME DIAMOND LOSS GUARANTEE, 30 DAY UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE even covering accidental damage, a 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, a DIAMOND GRADE GUARANTEE, an INCREASE IN VALUE GUARANTEE toward a trade-in, a LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE assuring you that Bixler 1785™ will not be undersold, an ETHICALLY SOURCED GUARANTEE, plus many FREE SERVICES.